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Whitepaper - Factoring and Commercial Finance


The European Factoring and Commercial Finance (FCF) Industry is a success story.EUF white paper 2019

It provides working capital to support businesses that drive the real economy in Europe.

Yet it is an Industry that presently is not always fully known or wholly understood at a regulatory and legislative level.

This Whitepaper is designed to build knowledge and change perceptions.

It demonstrates from existing and new research undertaken on behalf of the EU Federation for the Factoring Industry (EUF) that it:

  • Is growing rapidly, the FCF Industry now supports businesses that have a combined turnover that represents 11% of EU GDP
  • Provides funding of around €240Bn to nearly 220,000 businesses, large, medium and small which together have a combined turnover of €1.7Tn 
  • Principally enables businesses in the Manufacturing, Services and Distribution sectors 
  • Is, in risk terminology, a low Loss Given Default (LGD) solution, providing opportunity for safe, secure funding in an increasingly risk aware regulatory environment 
  • Continues to offer a unique combination of benefits that meet user, provider and regulator stakeholder needs simultaneously; a real and unique win win in business finance
EUF Whitepaper is available here: