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The EU Factoring and Commercial Finance Summit is the only European Conference organized by the Factoring Industry for the Factoring Industry.
Share latest updates and be involved in promoting and celebrating the impact of the Commercial Finance Industry which supports the real economy and employment in Europe. This eighth Summit is a unique opportunity for Industry Leaders to network and address topics that really matter for the Factoring Industry.

The 8th EUF & FCI EU Factoring Summit will take place on 20-21 April 2023 in Cologne, Germany. 

FCI and EUF represent over 98% of all European market players. This Eight Summit is a unique opportunity for Industry Leaders to network and address topics that really matter for the Factoring Industry. The programme will address the latest updates, promoting and celebrating the impact of  the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry which supports the real economy and employment in Europe.
• Get an update on the most recent evolutions on the European Factoring scene, both in terms of figures and products offered.
• Learn how sustainability and ESG impacts the factoring and Credit Insurance Industry?
• What does the factoring industry look like in Germany?
• What roused the factoring industry in 2022? Report from EUF Technical Committees.
• What are the revisions made by the EU Commission on late payment directive?
• The impact of e-invoicing, PSD revision and future EU initiatives in open finance?
• EBA point of view on Sustainability and ESG
• What are the views on the future of factoring from senior executives ?


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