EUF Chairman meets Leaseurope Board

On March 1st 2012, EUF Independent Chairman John Gielen and EUF Independent Co-ordinator John Brehcist met with the Board of Leaseurope - the voice of leasing and automotive rental in Europe.

John Gielen talked through a presentation on the background, development and strategy of the EUF and the two Johns answered a range of direct and interesting questions posed the Board.

Both Groups recognise the importance of promoting their Industry's interests and Leaseurope have forty years of experience in pursuing this aim; the EUF is in its third year and welcomes the opportunity for the dialogue. There are indeed areas, for example the implications of Basel III and the EU CRD IV directive, where discussion and joined up thinking could be of significant value.

Thank you to Jukka Salonen (Chair) and Tanguy van de Werve (Director General) for the invitation and to the Board for their courtesy.


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