Basel Committee on Banking Supervison

The long anticipated Basel 3 capital reforms have been announced in the press release attached...

Leaseurope releases its 2009 list of Top European Leasing Companies

Leaseurope, the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, has recently published its rankings of Top European Leasing Companies for 2009.

Factoring used to advantage in the financial crisis

In this article, Bernward J Rohmann of Dresdner Factoring AG describes how factoring has been used to support businesses in the recent financial crisis. This article is available in its original German only. 

Making waves in Brussels

John Gielen, the Independent Chairman of the EU Federation (EUF) and John Brehcist, EUF Co-ordinator, talk to BCR Factorscan about the role of the EUF in promoting the offering in Brussels, the opportunities presented to the industry by the downturn and the level of coverage that the EUF enjoys within Europe’s factoring community.   

Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry in the EU outperforms GDP


The total turnover for the factoring and commercial finance industry in 2009 in the EU was 827.516 million EUR representing a decrease of only 1.9 % as measured against the 2008 figures.


When compared with a 4% drop in EU GDP and a 3.14% drop in the worldwide factoring market this small decline evidences the robustness of the industry in Europe when compared to general economic growth and to its counterparts worldwide. Given that EU factoring turnover represents almost 70% of the world factoring turnover this is an impressive achievement.