EUF Yearbook 2015/16

The EUF is delighted to announce that it has published its first Yearbook covering the period 2015/16.

In it you will find a wealth of information about the EUF, its work and achievements:

  • The Year in Review
    It’s been a period of development and change for the Industry and its outlook. Erik Timmermans, Chairman EUF and Francoise Palle-Guillabert, Vice Chairman EUF share their views and observations with John Brehcist, EUF Coordinator
  • Timeline 2015-2016
    We look at what’s been happening in the EUF and the impact of its activities
  • Highlights
    Amongst all the programmes we focus on a couple of the headline events, the 2nd Factoring Workshop and our EU Breakfast Meeting
  • Statistics Summary
    Here we share our focus on the Industry statistics; size, shape and economic impact
  • Whitepaper Review
    Highlights of our ground-breaking survey of the Industry
  • Our Members
    The members of the EUF and their contact details
  • Meet the Executive Committee
    The members of the EUF and their contact details
  • Meet the Operational Committees
    The members of the EUF’s operations committees and their contact details

The Yearbook is available to download from here:


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